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This happened at work a year or so ago… Been hanging on to the picture forever. Now it lives here for all to see. Update: This broken Blackberry was caused by a 2 foot fall on to a carpeted floor.  Apparently it landed at JUST the right angle.  We’ve got a bunch of Blackberries, and […]

It WORKS!!! eMate Power Supply from RadioShack Parts

I’ve been looking for a ready supply of eMate Power Supplies.  Being that I’m familiar with DC electricity, the requirements of Positive Tip, 7.5VDC @ 1.2Amp don’t seem that out of reach.  RadioShack sells an adapter that’s been reported to work perfectly, the Digital Camera Power Adapter (Model 273-1696).  It runs at 2 full Amps.  […]

Old Mac? Need Wireless?

  Considering that the original Airport cards are getting closer and closer to the price point of unobtanium, there is a need for remedy.  Old Mac’s need wireless lovin’ too.  Yet I for one do not appreciate having to spend over half the current eBay value of the laptop just to get a stinkin’ wireless […]