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Custom Icons for Removable and Fixed Drives in Windows

I have a bunch of removable drives. USB Thumb/Flash drives, external hard drives in 2.5 and 3.5 inch sizes, portable media players, etc… When I’ve got them wired up to the mothership, sometimes the “My Computer” window can be a bit confusing. Hmm… Which one mapped to what drive letter again? You can use Volume […]

Dang!!! Wired got CLOSE! (to the MacBook Air)

Wired’s Photoshop Mock-Up of the MacBook Air: What Apple actually released: All I have to say is… Well done!  You guys almost NAILED it!

Apple’s Beautiful New Keyboard (MB110LL/A) on Windows

(This post may also be useful for people interested in the MB167LL/A BlueTooth wireless keyboard.) Immediately upon seeing it, I was in love with the new Apple desktop keyboard. I wanted one, but the only place I use a desktop keyboard is at work… on a Windows machine. At home, I’m a laptop user and […]

Finding Duplicate MP3’s in your Mac OSX iTunes Library

I recently ran into a problem in my ongoing process of switching to Mac OSX from Windows. I decided that I wanted to jump fully into using iTunes as my central music repository. In my manually organized MP3 folders, I had MP3’s in folders by Artist then Album along with a playlist (M3U) file for […]