Dell Latitude D620 Stereo Mix on Sigmatel HD Audio

BIG UPDATE! - 20-Dec-2007: Dell has come to their collective senses and added the Stereo Mix into their official SigmaTel Driver set!!! I’m hopeful that this also fixes some of the “sound stutter/skip” issues some people have commented about.  Here’s the link to the official driver:

Please note, the hack below enables the entire SigmaTel control panel, the Dell driver still restricts all of that.  I will leave the information for those interested.  I might try to re-hack the new version of the Dell driver to see if I can re-enable the entire SigmaTel control panel.  Until then, enjoy your “official” stereo mix!


ANOTHER UPDATE! – 19-Oct-2008: I had been meaning to post this link for a while, but Dell has posted an official comment about this topic to their Direct2Dell Blog:

Dell saw fit to disable the Stereo Mix (record what you hear) options on the Sigmatel HD Audio 92xx drivers they are currently hosting on their site.  (The Dell Driver package is called R122161.exe)

I was able to hack my own driver for the D620 by using info garnered over at NotebookForums, this thread specifically:

I just applied the changes that everyone was recommending to the 92XXM2-2.INI and the resulting file is available here:
Hacked D620 Sigmatel Audio Driver

I noticed that some of the other hacked drivers were not handling the dock headphone port correctly, my version of the hack seems to do perfectly with that. (The other drivers weren’t cutting the internal speakers when a headphone plug was connected.)

Basically, I took the original 92XXM2-2.INI from the R122161 package and compared it to the 92XXM2-5.INI from the original Dell package. Using the differences between those files, I modified the hacked 92XXM2-5.INI, creating a 92XXM2-2.INI. After this, I had some issues with XML errors on the Sigmatel Control Panel. With some educated guesses, I was able to alleviate these Control Panel XML errors.

This driver provides the Latitude D620 a working Stereo Mix along with a working docking station headphone port. It also unlocks the full SigmaTel audio control panel. I’ve been using it for a few hours now, and have yet to determine an issue with it.

To apply this hack, make sure the R122161 version of the Dell SigmaTel driver is copied to your C:\dell\Drivers directory.  The following file is a self-extractor that will do this for you:

Once you’ve extracted the files (exit out of the installer if it starts), copy the Hacked D620 Sigmatel Audio Driver INI file from the link above to your C:\dell\Drivers\R122161\WDM directory replacing the one that is already there.  (You will need to unzip the INI file you get from the link above.  You’ll also probably want to back up/rename the old 922XXM2-2.INI file while you’re at it.)

Now, go back to the C:\dell\Drivers\R122161 directory and run Setup.  Once setup is complete, you should be all-set with your Stereo Mix, headphone ports working properly, and a full SigmaTel control panel.

I’ll accept no liability for this, but it does work for me.

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  1. Comment by tohodaisuki | 05/30/10 at 11:09 pm

    I LOVE YOU MAN!!!!!!! thankyou so so so so so much! audacity finally works on my dell inspiron e1405 after trying to solve this all afternoon I was blessed to come across your site. i highly appreciate it my friend and may God bless you.
    i cant express how much this means to me, i really appreciate your time and effort and sweat over dell’s ridiculousness

    thanks a mucho mucho lots

  2. Comment by Bill | 06/13/10 at 8:22 pm

    Tried the R122161 hack on my Dell D620 today, and now I have Stereo Mix! WHOPEE! Thanks, George!

  3. Comment by Matt | 08/03/10 at 11:43 pm

    I have a Dell Inspiron 1721 with Windows 7. Does anyone know if this works for this laptop?

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