Wholly Server Uptime Batman!!!

Well, it came time to reboot a server at work. Upon looking at the Task Manager, I realized that it was the end of an era with this machine.

Server Uptime

As you can see, 18,628 hours, 44 minutes, and 1 second (as of the last screen shot anyway).

With some quick math, that’s just over 776 days. That’s 2.13 YEARS. I know this isn’t the longest server uptime I’ve seen, but it was enough to impress me.

This is pretty impressive for a Windows box. We needed to reboot due to what seemed to be Explorer.exe causing some excess disk accesses. We were able to fix it without reboot, but figured reboot probably wouldn’t be a bad idea to reboot just to be sure, especially considering how long it had apparently been.

Update:  Upon further investigation, the System Idle Process doesn’t appear to be a valid way to determine server uptime.  Apparently, it adds a second for each processor in the system for every second of “real time” passed.  Since this is a quad processor machine (well, dual processor with HyperThreading), we have to divide these numbers by 4.  After that, we are left with about 194 days of uptime, which is more of a non-event.  This is confirmed by the Server Uptime Tool from Microsoft (screen shot below).  Nothing to see here, move along.

Server Uptime

You can see that it was up for a longer stretch a while back… 242 days!

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  1. Comment by alan c. | 03/02/07 at 11:01 am

    You lied to me! I hate when IT people do that! =D (simpsons reference… IT-fied if you didn’t get that).

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