Puppy Linux – Errors

I was having trouble with Puppy Linux booting on a few PCs I have.  It took a while to find the answer, so I’m posting it here in case others need it.

I was running it on an Intel D201GLY motherboard, but this error doesn’t appear to be specific to that board.  That said, the following link was where I found the answer (hint: it’s in the last post):


The error is:
Searching for Puppy files in computer disk drives…
pup_400.sfs not found. Dropping out to initial-ramdisk console…

The answer is to start Puppy with the switch acpi=noirq, so at the first screen you see when booting (Grub), type the following:

puppy acpi=noirq

Then hit enter.  Things should work better.

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